World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies

World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies World Quests Order Halls Factions Currencies PvP Music Contraptions Tomb of Sargeras Guides Nighthold Guide World Bosses Patch 7.1 Official Notes Patch Recap Tomb of Sargeras Guides Cathedral of Eternal Night Artifact Switches The Cracked Shore Tier twenty Armor Sets Basement Armor Sets Class Mounts Other Mounts Patch 7.Two Notes Pet Battle Basement ... Read More »

WM Capture, WMRecorder

Movie Downloaders and Movie Converters Make Movie Quality Screen Capture Movies from ANYTHING on your PC Screen. Detect WM Capture 8, the highest quality video-from-screen recorder ever created. Record ANY Online Movie, Talk, Game or DVD WM Capture is the only PC movie recording program that captures movie from any online source with ideal quality. Read More »

With Update, Snapchats Get a Little Less Private

The Fresh York Times May 7, 2014 [Movie: A promotional movie from Snapchat demonstrating off its fresh movie talk feature. Witness on YouTube.] Snapchat just released a major update that’s been getting a lot of attention. But one less publicized aspect of this update is that Snapchat is a entire lot less ephemeral than it used to be. Read More »

Windows ten Mobile Peak: Disable Skype Integration

Windows ten Mobile Peak: Disable Skype Integration In a nice nod to the platform’s past, Windows ten Mobile enables Skype integration across key Windows ten Mobile apps like Phone and Messaging. But if you find this integration irritating—as I do—you can simply disable it and use the dedicated Skype app instead. Read More »