World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies

World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies

World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies

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    • Tomb of Sargeras Guides
    • Nighthold Guide
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  • Patch 7.1
    • Official Notes
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    • Tomb of Sargeras Guides
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    • Artifact Switches
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    • Patch 7.Two Notes
    • Pet Battle Basement
    • How to get to ToS
  • Patch 7.Two.Five

    The Secret Finding Discord has discovered how to obtain the Lucid Nightmare climb on!

    Patch 7.Trio Hotfixes – September 1, Tweets, Curse Hiring, This Week in WoW History

    • Orix the All-Seer’s turn-in quests have been substituted with a vendor list.

    • All players are now granted “Part of History” at level 110.
    • Druids with the Glyph of Starlets should now see the fresh casting animations for Sunfire and Moonfire.

    • Time and Space trait correctly echoes Arcane Explosion at the location of the previous Arcane Explosion.

    • Discipline Priests will no longer shuffle in the air when combining Levitate and Light’s Rage.

    • Stormkeeper now buffs Lava Plank Overloads.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Some lower level basement quest mobs now drop their quest items more frequently.

    • Now once again displays the correct visual effects.

    • Touch of Sargeras now creates four fissures in Mythic difficulty (was five fissures).

    • Now once again displays the correct visual effects.

    • Crystalline Swords should no longer freeze in midair.

    Player versus Player

    • The Dutiful PvP companions should now be purchasable once players reach Prestige seven on any character.

    • Due to a bug, Mechanism: Glyph of Fel-Touch Shards will temporarily no longer drop from Inquisitor Vethroz.

    Ghostcrawler still sometimes talks about WoW. Reminisce that he no longer works for or speaks for Blizzard.

    I think to a large degree it’s unavoidable. I don’t think it’s necessarily harmless, but it’s effortless to see how it happens.

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    This Week in WoW History

    We’re taking a look back at old MMO-Champion posts and World of Warcraft news that occurred during this time in previous years.

    This time in 2016, we eventually got to embark our foray into the Violated Isles and take the fight to the Searing Legion! The very first thing players did was embark on a screenplay to obtain their artifact for their respective specialization. Then, they picked an onslaught point in one of the fresh zones to begin questing. At 101, players were able to begin completing missions in their class order hall. There were some features that did not launch with Legion tho’, such as the Emerald Nightmare raid and the Mythic+ basement system.

    Patch 6.Two.Two Live This Week!

    In late August two thousand fifteen as Draenor was winding down, there was a petite patch that added mostly quality of life switches. It added flying to Draenor, catch-up mechanics for the legendary quest lines, Timewalking Prizes, and updates to Winter’s Veil and Hallow’s End! Additionally, this patch added several mounts and the Legion Collector’s Edition prizes into the game files. We also eyed an update to the climb on collection achievement, adding the Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent for obtaining three hundred mounts.

    Patch Five.Four Spawn of Galakras

    As patch Five.Four began to unfold on the PTR in late August 2013, we got a preview of the fresh climb on for completing Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider within Siege of Orgrimmar. This achievement was able to be ended in Ripple, Normal, or Heroic Difficulty. It was the very first climb on that was obtainable by doing the fresh Ripple raid difficulty. Spawn of Galakras is still obtainable in the game by going back to Siege of Orgrimmar and completing the necessary achievements!

    Mists of Pandaria Raid Previews

    In the beginning of September 2012, Blizzard released a preview of the two MoP raids that would be available at launch. We got previews of the four boss raid, Terrace of the Endless Spring, and the six boss raid, Mogu’shan Vaults. These would be two of the three raids that would comprise the early stages of MoP raiding. You can still go back and obtain some of the titles they suggest, such as Glory of the Pandaria Raider, and the climb on off of Elegon!

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