Whatsapp Not Working Today, Free VPN

Whatsapp Not Working Today, Free VPN

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Tweets about whatsapp not working today

@NikRollins Anybody having difficulties with Whatsapp today? It’s not been working on my phone all day. uninstalled & installed again to no joy.

@aryadasatra Please graciously mention, whatsapp or email me. The celullar phone is not working today. I’m sorry for inconvenience. Thank You.

@JinSone98 Hope my VPN still working

@DGardnerJr And after three years my VPN commenced working, and so it was that I logged on to Twitter once more.

@Actingfasts To whoever is doing the AM make sure you have a vpn there are gonna be alot of booters in it today GL

@moggedb Guess who’s VPN and Remote Desktop isn’t working today – guess who’s driving in!

@malik_odeh83 @Secure_VPN_com the application not work.. I upgrade it but still not work.. I send you message to website (support) but no reaction.. 🙁

@1des1re1 @flashfoxf21 thats not gonna happen,many ppl use vpn in china

@Inaajolly Hm . Not in mood today ! My whatsapp isn’t working ah

@NinetyFive_SD whatsapp isn’t working. not today Mark.

@tomatohim RT @stanleyD22: I guess that #Whatsapp should increase the bandwidth. Not working often today

@Trina_R24 Why is whatsapp not working today of all days

@MrSimple_AS1 Was whatsapp indeed not working today.

@harryscx Is it just my phone or is my whatsapp just not working with me today. IT WORKS EVERYDAY BUT NOT ON THE DAY I WANT IT TOO. AM I THE INLY ONE

@theo_samuels My #Whatsapp has been like a yo-yo today of ALL days. One minute it’s working, the next it’s not.

@bambam9697 RT @binmusty_ridwan: Why is whatsapp not working today?

@Frann_Russia Fuck damn it , I never use #Whatsapp while using #3G or LTE with my iPhone and just today it is not working!. #whatsappdown

@marc1705 RT @LindaNEK: I thought my WhatsApp was the only one not working but I guess its global. well no personalised messages today. love the ne…

@DAnachoni RT @AderaKennedy: WhatsApp is not working.kwani two thousand fifteen inaisha na Ubaya aje?I bought enough bundles to surprise pple today midnight. Nimekwama

@donavangood @WhatsApp whatsapp not one of your best moments today isn’t it? Well just here to inform that your not working

@Donzieboo RT @TJSummerSky: The way whatsapp determined it’s not working today

@shifragifts My Whatsapp is not working wondering why today among all days

@JeevanBMT few years ago #mobile networks were congested on #31st taking 4-5hrs. to receive SMS. today #whatsapp is congested, not working decently.

@dark_proxy RT @cinnamontoastk: Gonna have a hangover stream today. *sarcastic cheers*

@Urkarmaz @JennyGSwift1 When you go to it on you’re cell does it say’Proxy access not permitted’ ?

@sophiehowlettx just wanna observe fresh AHS but internets not working on my laptop due to some fault with the proxy server idek

@PhilB6vis RT @matthewmreed: Read @JSchanzer’s chunk in light of today’s news that #Greece intercepted arms at sea: #Turkey’s Proxy War in #Libya? htt…

@johnmknox Are there any VPN providers out there that actually have a smartphone app that works? PureVPN, NordVPN, PIA and BoxPN all do not.

@RrowdyBeast @ulfkrahe It was my idea! You’re a man-child by proxy of roomy

@cragdoo @nielsengelen @veeam @EmericPILLET1 or I could setup an VPN and mask my IP to look like I’m in the States 😉

@skyIerwhite @wronghat it might be on the website im not sure. if youre watching on a computer you can just switch your proxy so us netflix is available

@engme64 I am in love with you for almost seven years stunner and today I have not seen you working as before lol #Whatsapp

@dark_proxy RT @Boogie2988: Still don’t know why people haven’t figured out that Francis is parody and not my actual opinion. Hope it’s because I am a…

@wirednot RT @WiFiTodd: @jsnyder81 @wirednot everyone is going to be working remotely in their home office. Makes sense. Their phone most likely is a ro…

@ImAnEnabler This "Network and VPN Outage" is cramping my style today.

@only_the_only RT @Aphiwe_Zantsi: Am I the only one who’se whatsapp is not working today?

@Ritika19 @rij79 This proxy war of terror by Pakistan which is not only terrorising India but their peeps are suffering themselves. Who funds them? US

@NSA_USGov "Virtual Private Networks" are almost exclusively used by drug traffickers and pedophiles according to our internal research. #VPN

@hollyrestall So today @WhatsApp broke on me and now @itvhub is not working 🙁

@Cazoudski Connected to Netflix in the US with a VPN connection. Netflix SG is crap.

@StringsOfLife_ @Twitching_Proxy "..When I was still with my parents. I reminisce them telling how its not about making the other blessed all the time..-

@BeckerLucas2 Sense site – online staff as proxy for playmates with differently customers: IbRD

@C_in_Toronto Leaving early to get the phones going again. Stupid non-working VPN link.

@Ashtrayheart223 @SlaRfk @SlaRfk33 hi doll, my whatsapp is not working well today. Beautiful drawings

@AyrBluenose84 @ZakRTID It will just be RTV but made into an addon so you will still have to pay £5.99 per game with a vpn but that goes to Rangers

@Zaibyx RT @soldier_pk: Good to see @YouTube working in Pakistan unrestricted, bye bye proxy servers

@HaydenFaber1 Kidz site the tower above memorial as proxy for coziness identically pit as an example enlightenment: HRbxBTaIA

@MatatabiNinja RT @CreepypastaLuv2: It’s called the Operator Sign/Symbol. Not the Proxy sign/symbol. #Creepypasta #PastaHeadCanon

@stamp_importer @JannHendrik If you check network, you will see that proxy server is running locally on your computer and we do not send anything further.

@Mr_PKK @Steve_Morifi my whatsapp is not working and could not help you today

@POMPEOSKATlC my vpn app wasn’t working for a few i’ve never been this scare

@ryledale My phone is fucking up today and I’m not popular enough to know whether my iMessage and whatsapp are working.

@travelingprince @kiku211_ exactly , it is ! >.< Which is why on my private laptop and other device I have a VPN to access everything ! XD

@poonambaruaWILL #Womenomics: Benchmarking Best Employers Companies for Women — using WILL Gender Quotient Index. Chapter six in my Book "Leadership by Proxy"

@ceci4444 whatsapp is not working fuck Today I do need it

@parulb2708 #whatsapp is not working since morning today. Irritated!!

@deliabhagaloo RT @AarifBaksh: The ONE time I need help is when Whatsapp not working, wtf going on with today

@FawziaKoofi77 @naveed360 I don’t buy the argument and word of Nothing! !! unluckily our soils been used as proxy by close and nearby neighbours

@AyrtonMakayla Characteristics versus appearance as proxy for means of access the choice permeation makings in place of thy mi.

@Steve_Media @gregobr @jamiedgreenberg @fagstein @OpenMediaOrg sorry simply using a vpn to safeguard privacy does not crack TOC

@Str8Wrong @urbanwit @MiGoOk_SaRaM rather not pay for a good vpn and a Netflix account just to witness Netflix. I’ll just stick to illegal downloads lol

@DarnbroughB @TipsForAccas_IP need a vpn and switch dns settings look on unblock us


GOT YOUR ERROR CODE four hundred four TOO FGT.

@masibanda101 @econet_support is the whatsapp bundle not working today?

I have a whatsapp bundle which is yet to expire yet my whatsapp is down

@shout_co @econet_support What’s up with whatsapp bundles today? They seem not to be working at all.

@sammasunda @econetzimbabwe , what’s up with subscribers using whatsapp bundles .seems like the service is not working today

@masibanda101 @econetzimbabwe is the whatsapp bundle not working today?

My whatsapp is down but i have a bundle which is yet to expirw

@shahidmvuwa @econetzimbabwe.I purchased whatsapp bundles worth $Three on28/01/16 but today my whatsapp is not working at all. what’s wrong

@Ryan_Brooks2 My bad #YALL i was searching for answers for the past two days and now i have a #VPN we’ll eventually see if my stream lags more or not at all

@sarahbrodsky RT @yaelwrites: Have you had a Goodreads account suspended b/c you used Tor or a VPN (or two IP addresses from one household)? DM or Signal…

@Skiedosi @econetzimbabwe check my whatsapp seven hundred seventy eight million sixty thousand sixty four still not working and my due date is today how are we gonna fix it?

@ClRCUIT found a working proxy for my school ultimately 😀

@King_Proxy Rendering today’s movie guys! 🙂

@Noir_Proxy @BenMoore035 @JaminBassette @MichaelPHuber I’ll support this!

@yungtartarsauce RT @MillzIsGod: Duo chicks sitting at home anti today.. The nigga they want to be with is ‘working’ and they’re not responding to guys on…

@anisaorora My whatsapp is not working today. So please contact me using any other way.

@HallyGolightly I think my whatsapp is not working today. Either that, or not one person with a cellular device loves me today

@madogoshi_ im not angry bc im afraid i cant access those blocked websites anymore ((sure a thing called vpn does exist)))

@vanessaThief RT @22rifle4me: @vanessaThief I know the feeling. God wants to help you, He is working on me and I have peace and an proxy dad for now

@raijiyoon RT @UmbrellaLei: "Even if you find answers, it may not bring you happiness."

@JOHNGRACETEN Use the ryt vpn app.. Cloud Vpn RT @AyoBrayo: Using VPN but facebook and Whatsapp aren’t working.

@Suribot @MewtwoWarrior Noppin is a lot more of a formal business, Rider Proxy is very much a "message her on facebook"

@Thetidos RT @adamrangpr: So much nonsense in the papers & Twitter today about Glastonbury fans not being able to vote in #EUreferendum. Get a postal…

@RefugeeBlues RT @MeenakshiSRaina: What Pak has, India doesn’t :

Mission to demolish its neighbour

@GiannaIrea Website art object gratuity as proxy for unadorned worthy snarl pages: XbrLe

@BenStage The one night i indeed need my VPN, it’s not working. Hate my life.

@JosephSelokela Whatsapp not working for the 2nd day today

@phan_gogh how do i witness the international stream my proxy isnt working

@BessieMadeline Is working tender the dodge as proxy for the vigorousness speaking of the africa?: WpYWj

@mexela @RobertSmith4 @iamfrancois @dyl_holl @njsneaks @BetterNikeBot @SneakerServer please check the proxy format, the bot might accept ip:port

@cloudywind Hmm. I can’t access Netflix via VPN today. So they’re truly blocking it huh?

@themodel18 @SurfEasyInc my VPN is not working in the UAE have attempted updating iPad, reinstalling app etc any ideas why it it has stopped working?!

@King_Proxy I want my YouTube Channel to be as private as possible and as entertaining as possible too. I’m working on my movies & ideas everyday.

@MercerIsaac The greatest duraflo peace, the topmost working proposition as proxy for thine reed leaks, gasket: MyKWm

@SadisticKay @skylarsenpai Plus, my IP traces to Chicago. and it is not a vpn

@Gildredge @econetzimbabwe you are so unprofessional its cost me a lot.l want my whatsapp bundle working today if not l stir over

@IamDirrtyJoc @econet_support I use my whatsapp for my Ipad via wifi hot spot but its not working today

@michala_38 @Entiretyinbits no not yet.

All my notifications from wattpad or WhatsApp aren’t working today ..

I must have pressed a button or stupid

@Paris_in_Paris @levkojo or whatsapp is just not working today

@XPDOTA RT @Fly_dota2: Not having to use a VPN is fine

@Gh0stAg3ntX @Samurai_Lucy Not all VPN’s are created equal. Some care more about profit than privacy.

@MichelleBriann5 Download ds match against r4 site is not an illusion virtual until swop ds the olympics as proxy for r4 and mic.

@BarnabyAwcock WhatsApp not working today is such a god send. somebody up there loves me

@jeccisa11 Two awful things have happened today and it’s not even 9am. Firstly, someone has stolen my work cup 🙁 secondly, Whatsapp isn’t working #WHY

@dopeboidipsey @sarrboytellem @cherryolofnjie mines working now since I switched on my vpn

@RetailTuesday RT @youngmoney6905: @Therealshaaaaaa ass-plug me with the bot page monitor server and proxy prv and me and @RetailTuesday will talk bout lettin…

@HKhloeC @serenfrankie18 omg okay. I 2nd that ..

@AugoMora Report: Anbng hires stiff to feel out Starwood shareholders: Georgeson Inc., a proxy-solicitation company, is gauging Starwood shareho.

@Kayla_Belle_92 @Netflixhelps I don’t have the money to buy DVDs of shows that are not suggested on Netflix, so the VPN was my only option. Why block us

@hamiltonguy No data or wifi after updating iPhone to 9.Trio. Issue stems from @disconnectme app Vpn. Once disable, data working normally.

@aayushdubey @BlackBerry i am using Blackberry Curve nine thousand three hundred sixty in India but my whatsapp is not working from today. can you please explain.

@daamitt @ku1deep @deepakabbot @dkhare reality today is wallets have to be funded by cards. Wallets are proxy at best.

@bibbyftbibby @calumstropical why is Twitter not working today lets talk on whatsapp I’ll send screenshots !

@conellwuff Manager has sent a solitary WhatsApp telling he’s not working today and I’m to go in an hour before shift.

*turns on reject all calls*

@ChaserKate @Hoodster_Proxy Some ones in a glad mood today

@omgitsafox "We’re sorry, this app is not available in your co–"

@SSB_Proxy Mainly because it can’t determine anything. Still better than Raw however #NXTTakeOver

@uk_disgrace RT @Smoloko123: Henry, I have brought up the masons numerous times& have called them out for being a gentile proxy front working on behalf…

@andyberdan *breathe* implementing a mipmapping proxy today because we can’t depend on webgl mipmapping. #javascriptisthefuture

@nipun_12 @kumarmanish9 Got this notification just today morning and since then looks like @WhatsApp is not working on my phone. 🙁

@NOT_Addison69 alright guys just bypassed school security with a vpn japanese music here i come

@BigDave1878 @victoriacarlin_ no. Hulu is just an access interface. Google VPN services. Not all are free, but if it opens your fav programs then

@ComputerCPR1 Network crashing? Server need Maintenance? Need a VPN setup? We can HELP! Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation, 803-412-9121

@iTrapNY @chuckie1366 @BetterNikeBot @njsneaks contact your proxy provider and ask them to configure you for supreme website

@al_grace_ Did the school unblock everything bc I’m not using vpn & everything is working swifter w/o the vpn

@mxeadie can’t tell if my whatsapp’s not working or if noone’s talking to me today

@teaneedz Today Netflix proves the correlation inbetween UX & value. When you stop caring about user security with a VPN ban, expect hits to growth.

@noorulhusnita A boss whatsapp his subordinate to go home 1hours later than working hours, beginning today, is truly not right.

@MightyPork @AntonvonRaumer @creeper32605 but running vpn means having a server somewhere. not free. unless it works like tor where everyone is a knot.

@ArtByAlida @sambowne I read it’s indeed a proxy server. Not a real VPN

@Not_anIdiot I think my phone ain’t working. No one has called, sent a text or WhatsApp today.

@winaroo13 @JagexHelpL0ne @JagexSupport The website has IP banned me from using that feature. I often have to use a VPN now so my IP is not consistent.

@The_RavingKing I’m guessing whatsapp is not working today

@HushidarK @VodafoneIN Is 4G not working decently in Bombay today? Whatsapp, FB and a bunch of apps don’t have access to data. Surfing works fine tho

@Brizee25 Legitimately just had to connect to VPN to get a Facebook vid to stream on @VirginMediaCC, fresh one for me o.O

@vpnspace @gandy3262 @njmsoccer @SportCenterHD If you need VPN, we’re here. We can help you with a free beta once we’re live. Go after us for updates.

@thedrinkstab @WhatsApp why is your chrome browser support not working today?

@tokuyosshi ugh I need to game with vpn but not sure if my net can treat the stream and vpn

@ab_ibthaj @MTN180 Good Evening, I subscribe for a data bundle earlier today, only whatsapp and BBM working. FB, browser not working.

@gioghis @Unlocator netflixus still not working here. Fresh beta dns and ip blocked same proxy error. Please fix it. Thx

@marrwab @valiumhi you have to bypass its location via VPN or cracked app version

@vpnworld Due to SSTP not streaming well on some low speed PC users, we have taken the decision to budge the UK Residential #VPN server back to OpenVPN

@chanditome RT @IamOminde: @chanditome always have a VPN app when traveling to #Uganda. Social media is not a right over there.

@Monwar_ah @afsararahmann you know I just checked today and ultimately your whatsapp is working. Canada is like a third world country not gonna lie

@booksmarting @tormundy yh today it’s not disconnecting at least it’s just super slow 🙂 twitter and whatsapp have been working tho like. idek

@annanibbles my Whatsapp is not working, anyone else have this problem? web fucked out today & now it won’t connect, even a lil bit

@PengoSports @HobsonMichael for AFL there is always WatchAFL Global Pass (not cheap at $153 a year). NRL, with Origin, is on Livestream (w/proxy server).

@FearingTheJay Or we could all get a proxy server and not care about what the school blocks

@de_hasslich RT @flaviahp: @WhatsApp since my last uptade today my app is not working! I have a Lumia 710! What should I do?

@atikarosli I’ve attempted so many things and my Whatsapp is still not working since 3pm today I AM ANGRY

@nicholas_cookie And don’t throw me that "muh IP block" we all know how effortless it is to proxy and bypass with dynamic IPs

@TaschaHasnan Please tell me my Whatsapp isn’t the only one not working until today..

@Deepak0270 No whatsapp today only call at nine billion two hundred sixteen million ninety five thousand four hundred ninety five ( nine billion four hundred seventeen million one hundred fifteen thousand four hundred ninety five not working for two days, phone at service center )

@KlaraWallander @extreme_crochet anonymous voter because of dv tho’, never vote by proxy. Details can be released.

@miteshgosrani RT @shaanSAY: What happened to #WhatsApp ? Not working after today’s update and iPhone is getting hot. #whatsappdown

@ananthsrinivasn #whatsapp on #ios is not working for me. The app is not kicking off after today’s app update. Attempted restarting few times but no luck @WhatsApp

@CEOkech @AppleSupport updated whatsapp today and now its not working..Graciously assist

@CyberShubhaM Whatsapp not working on many iphones today 😛

@MendesRinaldo RT @jtrichao: @WhatsApp not working today on iOS. Is it the end of the word? Gold help us!!

@joyprakashreddy @whatsapp crashed today – not working

@FJCA1396 RT @hamdaniabrar: @wa_status whats the issue with whatsapp today ? Its not working in iPhones

@niimrah WhatsApp not working is the best thing that has happened to me today 😀

@GetMySole Shoe game so fucked up, no proxy,server, or bot can save you. just luckkk

@Fatgooz @HyasBorderless Hi Netflix US not working anymore here ( France ) Attempted the delete ip solution to no avail. I get the proxy error.

@mazziblink @katherine_reedx or use teenchoice website (with Hola vpn set to US if outside US)

@SharonMichaelso For the best vpn not ruin cause your studio wants: HjcYBK

@elmodj my phone not working today , whatsapp viber only.

@KaitlynAmber21 excited to delete the vpn app after today

@chrisheinhold @SJRMercer yea got my VPN working 🙂 line of the night so far!

@yayabebeh @yayabebeh shes not talking abt me in that whatsapp bcs im not even working today but for my other colleague i rasa kesian

@Tanzyy @Sakshriyan WhatsApp not working? Anyway, Guava, Akshit and I are going to marine drive today at Four:30. Wanna join in?

@joshjj20 @Unblock_Us u guys have proxy error on every server please fix

@jack_ore Either my whatsapp is not working or everyone is just disregarding me today bruh

@weluckyfew "Movie not available in for country" how the fuck do I bypass this?! Vpn and proxies aren’t working

@Maxen2305 @econet_support Now today Whatsapp was not working altogether. Whats going on?

@Lord_phi_phi RT @MpofuMpho: So whatsapp is not working today in Zimbabwe what the f*ck. People are serious with #ZimShutDown

@newlinla So. evidently I won’t be building a WordPress site via @Amtrak wifi. They don’t even support VPN – maybe? Their own blog won’t blast.

@Iteration23 RT @blackplans: Any #VPN providers willing to assist folks in #Turkey? @theTunnelBear @buyvpnservice @vpnunlimited @astrill #TurkeyCoup #An…

@troyesrus If u wanna talk to me today I’ll be on whatsapp Twitter is not working :)))

@discordapp @XxFrostyTheIceX Dual check and make sure you’re not using a VPN or proxy to connect. Which fix are you referring to?

@dark_proxy RT @ChampChong: How has Cesaro not been picked yet and the Big Demonstrate has?? #WWEDraft

@Peter_emeraghi Glo has commenced again.

@HalesCornersFan @ACHYanks @JuddLegum No, he isn’t. That’s bullshit and prosecution by proxy is not a game Clinton supporters want to play. Sorry.

@PKRAJOO @GooglePlay since Android update 6.00 today, Google Play not working. Done everything. WhatsApp not getting updated. Play store not opening

@TheDames7 @fitbitsupport Just got a Blaze, I have an iPhone. I was getting Whatsapp notifications on the Blaze until today. not its not working

@zoeboy_bubba I knew the caller I had today was Haitian as soon as she said her whatsapp was not working

@JagexHelperMexk @AngusBrl @RBLXdevMatthew @JagexSupport Using a VPN will not get you banned, however using public and free VPNs should be avoided.

@talvindercheem1 #today my #whatsapp not working & ur ?

@alisonswift521 @troyesivan foryou, I registered a series of accounts, INSTwitterFacebook,snap,and I have to use VPN. ILY, to pay attention to your dynamic

@tivashiniii @ShantiIsAwesome today you not working right? I whatsapp you now

@dark_proxy RT @ChampChong: I’ll do my best to get a movie out today guys. I’m in the middle of packing for my 10-day excursion. WWE + Gamescom!

@jonowles88 @freddiedeboer i very recommend: opera browser -> free VPN -> CBC.ca

@gsamuel RT @GrogsGamut: Ahh the census site is working – just don’t use a VPN tho’, or it won’t

@cakeis_not_alie @jpwarren not sure what more you want? Only othr "effortless" security is a proxy server, and MS charges dearly for that.

@johnroberstorey Key travel abilities: today we verified we can both VPN to our home server at the same time.

@akakuros Jfc, I shouldn’t have waited too long. I bought that book a week ago and they actually only sent it to the proxy today.

@MolaDeborah @PHONEGIRL2008 whatsapp not working today doc visiting time monday afternoon 15:00 / Nineteen:00 for removing stitches ?

@GoGottaGoNow You so mad. You looking at my VPN LOL @ipadpcnews @Puukala60

@JoshMichalski @aussiefightfan @Thebluedresses @WallyFrogmore unspoiled vpn also has twenty four hour live talk on there site. Hit them up. Ask if they can do you a deal

@StreamlabsHQ @Gentlemanly_Gar Ah okay. Yeah everything seems to be working for me through your account. Are you on any kind of vpn or proxy?

@hostville_ Online ! Listening Your DM’s .. Whatsapp Not working Today


@jetsetlifex . and now I recall why I don’t fly here. need a VPN to do anything – stop attempting to censor me, China

@tipsforchina86 @SupaMikeZ Cool, nice download speed! Latency is a little high for HK server however. How’s the VPN working? Or are you only using OpenWEB?

@ndm @arturjanc we source a cached version of goog analytics and are working towards a proxy + measurement protocol solution.

@albaheth4 @MTNYemen why WhatsApp is not working on your network today?

@TanutoDX The VPN I use stopped being free today and the thirteen I’ve attempted so far don’t work or have a monthly subscription, I’m going to die.

@REsvt76 @Huzefa1983 $#it was neither Iran nor Saudia but the evil game of USA which dragged both in this worthless proxy.

@ripudaman_bjp RT @sidharthnsingh: Pak has found a fresh strategy from proxy war two proxy press conf obliged by Congress on a daily basis.Idea is same hurt I…

@PoeHao RT @Ronald_Alubalu: Working remote today with Microsoft #Continuum on Lumia 950XL with Display Dock. Secure Pulse VPN connected and RemoteD…

@SierraPeacock Asp flour intertie as proxy for yours site: btTnWitpj

@NakhokonkeDube Maybe my WhatsApp is not working today

@Richard39765610 Beguiling site as proxy for walt disney world’s juju buffer state, the us: dfD

@real_proxy @Carmenballantyn @YouTube Henry one of ‘"the ppl" determined he will fight two protect his women & if he DIES SO B IT but he will not permit EVIL

@MohammadFarooq_ @mahobili Not available in this region, free wala works with VPN. Or give a friends US address if possible to have access to it.

@OMGitsAnirban Get your free VPN today and secure your online browsing with @windscribecom

@DebzzHarris @LnSHarris not even working today. All relates back to what’s been mentioned on whatsapp.

@ieronicdisease Whats this DDoS thing going on and who is attacking the internet and why is my twitter and whatsapp not working decently fiND OUT TODAY ON M

@karengeier COOL INFORMATION: If @netflix permitted you to connect to it via a VPN, then they could bypass blackouts like today’s.

@milan_gadakari Reliance Jio absolutely slow speed today. On iPhone 6s. Even WhatsApp is not working. #reliancejio @reliancejio @JioCare

@faffie16 @econetzimbabwe I bought WhatsApp bundles today and they are not working. I have offline the entire day . Please may you willingly assist

@sidivs @veernimbus @vishalarora852 @reliancejio Today twitter is loading but whatsapp is still not working ideally however its improved #Jio

@mommaz_eyes @WhatsApp After today’s update on iOS, message counter badge not working on home screen. Number of unread msgs not shown.

@StefanDoerr @Steltek how about VPN access to the junien network for a traveller on the ICE train from Hamburg to Mannheim? 🙂

@MahaFCB I vote with ten FB acc ,Three Tw ,Trio ka & ten mnet acc I use VPn for the IP problem I tell everyone to vote not only kpoper .How are YOU helping ??

@__MJDr I gave a beautiful Black man my number today and all of a sudden my Whatsapp is not working. @ universe, why do you hate me so much?

@ASAPwassem what’s good w the vpn today

@Ayvee_theillest my phone screen went out so now my phone isn’t working atm. Feeling so silent and at peace today not having to whatsapp at all 🙂 🙂

@apiorkor RT @piwckaneshie: @KofiAshon and @apiorkor please the whatsapp line was not working today? Because I won the back seat challenge #TrafficAv…

@Raffaeu Today is @facebook @twitter @WhatsApp and @Skype not working. @TurkeyBlocks strikes again 🙁

@juanblancom @IronSocket is @Sling not supported now? I can’t access with clever DNS neither with VPN. Any chance the service has been blocked also?

@MyzzLene @JulesUschi my whatsapp is not working at the moment but by today or tomorrow i should have that sorted. is your number still the same?

@_itsmedavid RT @xxx_paddy: Working from four today

@tsia RT @D0menich: definiere VPN von macOS Server: Oh, it’s working …. aaaaaaaand it’s gone.

@cristianapes @netwaApp whatsapp monitor worked for a while but today not working anymore

@KhaiderNutter RT @xnnys: overlook whatsapp from boss since 5pm frifay until today. will read it tomorrow at 7.30am. because hell yeah i’m not in working ho…

@HaydenFaber1 Kidz website the the best ever and all as proxy for mess in such wise stagnant water by what mode wisdom: sSxZVGbiK

@bastjan Singtel is so shit that it is actually quicker to stream the grand tour on amazon via ipvanish connecting to US server than not running a VPN

@EmilieChixx Is my Whatsapp not working or did I truly receive NO text at all today ?

@Karen_Purdy24 @ThreeCare Guys whats going on with your network today? No data working bar facebook and whatsapp. Not just me either

@Art_I_Fish I’ve had to spend money today just to insure that my Internet history stays private. Made to feel illegal in the UK

@BhaveshChauhan My WhatsApp Web is not working. Am sad today.

@carol1Ndegwa @AIRTEL_KE esh.What’s with your network today?i have unlimited data but i can’t receive any whatsapp messages Even facebook is not working

@Eveantium im just a woman, using a non proxy IP address, asking for this streaming link to not be DoTA’d

@abhibanerjee2 @Airtel_Presence temp issue? It lasted for eight hours n today also whatsapp is not working . Just faced the issue

@Pb_Sahani @WhatsApp since today morning whatsapp is not working on Airtel india number, is there any issue?

@ZodMagus @CaptainKurtis @guardianproject but I use pia VPN. If I want to route an app through tor it stops my VPN. But not with Facebook

@GKSINGH8R Hi @Amugothu my Whatsapp not working, will attempt two fix it today, till then u can tweet or contact thru imo, have a superb time, bye

@FeelitWorking @BoingBoing A VPN will not stop a virus or GCHQ /NSA from monitoring the output. It helps protect user privacy, but is limited.

@HydroLejo @BoiseStateHelp. have people been reporting issues with off campus VPN today? I can connect, but everything drapes when I attempt to access

@Welshwisdom @noelpgunge Whatsapp will not be working on none up today phones or Blackberries, if you want to use Whatsapp you will have to buy fresh phone

@oldebattleaxe WhatsApp you shitty chunk of not-working-properly to the travel office today and see how much a flight earlier. 8PM is a bit late however /…

@dmagee90 @PaulMcCabrey @Rubbertoe81 whatsapp not working lad? Few twinks missing you today.

@3olivesmike @joesilber96 @LindseyGrahamSC OK but #SouthCarolina elected you to protect our interests, not send our sons and daughters to a proxy war.

@bmrobbUhsdUCopQ #cheapest insurance companies in florida how to block proxy websites

@Watching_Indian @DilJaanBaloch @TarekFatah You can witness it on YouTube; if not directly then maybe by using some proxy servers. Censorship’s days are gone.

@tebz_reloaded @vodacom Have u stopped WhatsApp on my Blackberry today? Its not working

@ReceptionNailit @nailitspa ladies we’re sorry that our landline phone is improvised not working today N salmeya branch gladly book/call via whatsapp 50809928

@Tiger4_U @Liam_509 Not indeed.If those user’s updated the app last November .Everything would be working fine today.They can still update.#WhatsApp

@zangarreon @BlackBerryHelp WhatsApp has stopped working on my wifey’s phone, a Blackberry Q5. Not june 2017, today.


@VeeMaumela I got through today not realising my whatsapp wasnt working decently. Its no wonder i had such a excellent day.

@Basetsanaglobal @malee_LESOETSA haibo LOL.. inbox me. My Whatsapp is not working today

@thebackdoorplug Best proxy providers?

@ziling5845 What and Which are the Best URL Proxy to Unblock Crimson Tube, Porn Hub and You Porn in Singapore.

@raamana_ Hello @uoftlibraries, can you look into why proxy access to @sciencedirect articles is not working? Thanks.

@IndecisiveAS To do list today:tonne of work,buy Crimson Bull,drink Crimson Bull,wonder why it’s not working,Whatsapp,Snapchat,Instagram,embark working at midnight

@Crabbpower Managed to get a VPN inbetween my VPS and home network using @OpenVPN. I’m so glad I can access my home network in a secure way from anywhere

@rahulpassi RT @mepratap: You broke d heart of crores of Indians. There are 1000s of kids who lost their dad in the PAK sponsored proxy war. None spoke…

@mmarie I’m working with a browser-based VPN/RDP that doesn’t let me copy and paste into/out of the window. It’s making me want to throw things.

@SwtDreamLover #bulgarian bar nyc free vpn service for mac os x

@HeysannaHosanna RT @vpnipp: #vpn #world #vpnprovider #facebook #twitter #today News floating around of Government spying & ‘checking in’ on their people. U…

@JimmayzWORLD Anyone want some proxy for the supreme drop this week? Dm me. They might be free or very cheap.

@GeneralVPAdams @AskPS_UK Getting Error Code eighty million seven hundred ten thousand sixteen every time I attempt to sign in, not using a proxy and none of the solutions on the website work for me.

@SunnyKhanMSD WhatsApp is not working decently today

@MmalaMotsepe If you attempted to call /text / whatsapp me today- I don’t have a working phone right now. I’m 100% not overlooking anyone Xx

@amberRozee My thoughts since I woke up at 5am: I go after WAY too many meme pages on Facebook & also I should get a VPN

@FiveStar_Otto @PDsBack Two VPNs, a fresh browser (opera), a proxy, a MAC spoof, and scryptmail account in eventually back in activity! How’ve you been?

@manjummumtaz RT @DrMariumKhan: Is WhatsApp down today??mine is not working for some reason.

@AWD_ebooks Thank god for possessing my own VPN server at home isn’t working and I want to connect my console server to all the hardware I have!

@motogpida93 sorry for not being online much /or social on whatsapp etc . been working ALL week and celebrating my dad yesterday + today

@Curiosity63 Thanks @Google & @Twitter for your continued #boycot of Romanian #VPN’s!! #Privacy=#HumanRight=VPN!! VPN is for #everyone not just criminals

@leighsamd will be silent on twitter for today’s game since i hafto stream through my phone since laptop’s VPN is not that effective #UAAPSeason79

@Matthew__Murray RT @Stuart_16: Whatsapp fancy working again today not tomorrow

@GamblingBob RT @Sarah_G_Barker: @GrahamGords1001 @yynnoo780 @KodiCommunity Good to know, thx! U can see if opera vpn is in play store, free vpn that is…

@firstbornchizi2 @AIRTEL_KE And why is it that last week I bought unliminet and it was working but today Facebook +WhatsApp is not working

@AaftabK99008868 @TweakBoxApp What happens today not working whatsapp++

@1TH1NKW3R3AL0N3 detects an Australian national – unintentional collection NSAW SID compliance with the proxy IP port unknownproxyport = four hundred forty four Defines the

@AiM1st1 today of all days my @WhatsApp’s is not working!

@APettyQueen My msngr is not working. I don’t know why. I today, DO NOT CARE. If you want me private tag me, or Whatsapp me.

@DavidpaulLevy @WhatsApp Not working today?

@rodricklongwe @econet_support what’s happening with your network today? My Whatsapp not working.

@cytakigawa RT @altonwang: SCOTUS took up Lee v Tam yet not Redskins. The core issue was the same. They chose to determine merits of one community using a…

@Sanele_Macton Cell c network is not working decently on whatsapp today or its only happened on my device?

@nigeljonathan1 @AIRTEL_KE what’s going on with the WhatsApp today? I just bought fresh data bundles and it’s not working !

@chidambara09 RT @Oz4Code: @jbadnc Truly. Interesting. So where am I now? #CyberSecurity #security #data #hackers #vpn #bigdata #infosec #ITsecurity #g…

@tongaitapera @econet_support hello econet.i am receiving a text from econet that my bundles expire today at three but my whatsapp is not working .Why why.

@discordapp @Lerodine Oh no! Are you using a VPN, proxy, or school network possibly?

@MKyaterekera I think my whatsapp ain’t working. not even a group whatsapp message today

@nDhirah RT @BaGongWatch: Friends are now all confirming, #WhatsApp not working in mainland China as of today. Media pls check @DanStrumpf @tomgrund…

@Kesenw @CyrusInstaller hey WhatsApp began not working today. But weirdly Twitter is working fine, but I cannot trust the developer anymore in iOS

@kindestman @BlackBerry is there any way I can install whatsapp in BlackBerry Passport. From today it is not working.

@lidds123 @wookie_wizardry Not for the article you linked too. the IP bans are server side not client side. So can’t access vpn or not

@johnny_pineiro Not overlooking anyone, but I’ve been working fifteen hr days and my fresh phone arrived today. So yes, I’m back on whatsapp/signal/twitter again.

@deborahlye WhatsApp work talk sounds fierce HAHAAH Glad I’m not working today

@dpdp303 RT @dpdp303: A "False Flag" is not the absence of Chaos or Violence, but the Creation of it by a Paid Proxy.

@dZ0bBc9v4r6sE2S @WhatsApp what problem?whatsapp not working in China from today morning,What problem.

@sachinPpurwar Today My WhatsApp is not working !!

@usernaem2 @WhatsApp Click to talk links are not working today on Firefox. Your fault or Firefox’s?

@oyinda__a My WhatsApp is not working with this stupid plan and I have people I need to annoy today.

@FredFnChopin @TrumpsBlonde The federal government does not have VPN with 2FA for remote access? Can I get an IP? Asking for a friend.

@PNutz_Games I’m 99% sure my VPN is being throttled.

@Selvam2396 @wa_status whatsapp not working decently i uninstall a it and install it but won’t work I’m disappointed with it today

@exodews @aeridays Just for reference, of u don’t know how to use VPN in Android, you can just google search ‘Melon apk’ & download it.

@_Siya101 RT @ThirdWardSimz: All @TelkomZA users in my office have a problem with WhatsApp not working.. I’ve called a number of times today but stil…

@willofthebossV @AntifaGamerGate >not tethering your cellphone and using a VPN to hide your traffic from your jewish cellphone service to avoid charges

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